Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Discipleship at Redeemer - Fall 2014

Redeemer is a Discipling Church.

Discipleship is a slow-cooker rather than a microwave.
Discipleship is a root-deepening experiential reality.
Discipleship is intentional activity. I desire to be ever-learning and ever-growing and ever-experiencing God's beautiful Kingdom.
I will situate myself in Kingdom learning environments, so as to mature in heart, soul, and mind.
I will never view myself as having arrived, but still on the way.
As much as I know about God and Jesus, I sometimes feel I have only scratched the surface, below which are the depths of the knowledge of God.
Jesus told his followers to go and make "disciples," not "deciders."

If this is you, then we have the following disciple-making opportunities this fall at Redeemer.

For information please call our office at: 734-242-5277.


This is our basic, in-depth disciple-making curriculum.

Led by our founding pastor Joe Atkinson and Sarah Richardville.

Begins Tuesday, 7 PM, Sept. 9.


Classes begin September 14, 2014

Instructor: John Piippo
Meets: Sunday nights, 6-8 PM.
First Class - September 14
Last Class - November 30

This course will teach students a biblical theology of prayer.
John’s book Praying: An Experiment In the Continuous tense will be used in class (first draft manuscript). Students will purchase a Xeroxed copy for themselves - $10.
Practical application will include committing to praying for 30-60 minutes a day, five days a week.
Note: This class mostly includes new, developed material not taught in John’s Spiritual Formation class.

Instructor: Jim Collins
Meets: Thursdays, 7-9 PM
First Class - September 16
Last Class - December 2

We live in a culture that often misrepresents the real, historical Jesus.
The purpose of this course is to raise the level of the students’ Jesus-literacy and experience of Christ.
In this course students will:
Study about Jesus from the biblical texts, as understood within the historical context in which they were written.
Study some of the current Real Jesus literature as an aid to understanding the biblical accounts of Jesus.
Learn how to distinguish, when it comes to Jesus,
the real from the fictional.
Encounter and experience Christ as an ongoing, living reality.
This will be accomplished through classroom teachings, class discussion, and homework assignments.

Instructor: Holly Benner
Meets: Tuesdays, 9:30 AM - 1 PM
First Class - September 16
Last Class - December 2

True worship and adoration comes from intimacy with God.  It is founded on the understanding of God's great love for you, which in turn leads you to greatly love Him (1 John 3:18). Worship isn't birthed through religious activity. It's birthed out of a vulnerable, intimate relationship with God. Intimacy & Identity in Worship will focus on building a greater understanding of who you are in Christ and building your personal relationship with Him.

For more information email John Piippo – johnpiippo@msn.com


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