Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Discovering the Real Jesus - Class Begins Thursday, Sept. 18

Our focus at Redeemer is on peeling away layers of culture and folk wisdom that surrounds Jesus and discovering the Real Jesus, AKA the historical, biblical Jesus.

Want to know more about Jesus? Then I invite you to attend our Real Jqesus class, which begins this Thursday, Sept. 18.

You may contact me ( or call the church office (734-242-5277) to sign up.

It's taught by Jim Collins. Here is the syllabus.

RMS - Discovering the Real Jesus
Class syllabus

Contact information

Jim Collins

Eleven Thursdays, 18 September through 4 December (no class 27 November)
7-9 PM

Course Description

We live in a culture that often misrepresents the real, historical Jesus. The purpose of this course is to raise the level of the students’ Jesus-literacy and experience of Christ. In this course students will:
·        Study about Jesus from the biblical texts, as understood within the historical context in which they were written.
·        Study some of the current real Jesus literature as an aid to understanding the biblical accounts of Jesus.
·        Learn how to distinguish the real Jesus from the fictional.
·        Encounter and experience Christ as an ongoing, living reality.
This will be accomplished through classroom readings, class discussion, and homework assignments.


·        Using scripture and book excerpts:
o   Define who Jesus said he was
o   Define who Jesus was by the things he did
o   Debunk our presuppositions
o   Define our life actions based on the Jesus of the gospels

“Final Exam”

1.     1 John 3:1-3

Class outline

1.     Introduction
a.     Class format
b.     Your expectations
c.      Who are we looking for?
d.     Video: Louie Giglio Indescribable
e.      Christianity: “The state of the art”
2.     The gospels: Can we believe what we read?
a.     Truth or public relations?
3.     Class reading of the sermon on the mount
a.     Analyze who Jesus was based on his statements
b.     Briefly discuss our state and future actions
4.     Class reading of the gospel of John
a.     Who did Jesus say he was?
b.     Who did others say he was?
5.     The trinity
a.     The fellowship of God and our invitation
6.     The Messiah – the Jewish hope
a.     Jesus – guess who’s coming to dinner
7.     The Incarnation and birth
a.     Excerpt: Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes
8.     Jesus making disciples
a.     Disciples versus deciders
9.     Jesus’ roles (e.g., healer, teacher)
a.     Messiah and King
b.     Homework: NT Wright excerpt: How God Became King
10.                        The Kingdom of God
a.     Jesus’ message of the Kingdom of God
                                                             i.      Find the message in the gospels
b.     Basic eschatology

Relevant Books

·        N.T. Wright, How God Became King
·        Philip Yancey, The Jesus I Never Knew
·        Richard Bauckham, Jesus: A Very Short Introduction
·        Michael J. McClymond, Familiar Stranger
·        Ben Witherington, The Christology of Jesus

·        Kenneth E. Bailey, Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes