Monday, September 01, 2014

Prayer Summer 2014 Comes to an End

Thanks to all who joined me for Prayer Summer 2014.

If that's you I would like to keep sending you posts I'm writing for Prayer Life.

If you would like to stop receiving my posts just respond to my email and I'll remove you from my mailing list.

I am going to continue writing about prayer, praying, the spiritual life, and spiritual formation and transformation.

I am nearly finished with a first draft of my book, which I'm currently calling Praying: An Experiment In the Continuous Tense. I have talked with a publisher (and a friend in the publishing business - thank you) and hope to have my book out sometime in 2015.

Students in my Prayer class this fall will receive copies of my first draft. I'm looking forward to having them read it and respond. For information on this class see here.

Remember: Jesus prayed. Often. It was his habit, his custom. His "as usual."