Saturday, September 20, 2014

Praying to Make My Life Add Up (PrayerLife)

I'm on Urbana, Ohio this morning. I went for an early morning prayer walk, using Psalm 23 to meditate on. What a beautiful fall morning it is!

 When I pay attention to God I see things. I saw a billboard that read "Make Every Day Count." These words seemed important for me. I began repeating, as I continued walking, "I will make every day count. I will make every day count." This is not "mindless repetition," because repetition on truths are profoundly mindful.

I will make my life "count" - for what?

I will make every day "add up" to something. When I die perhaps someone will "sum up" my life, and I hope it "amounts" to something more than "He liked watching sports."

There is something called "the sum total of my life." There is an "amount" to my life. My life can amount to something.

My life can have eternal results.

I prayed, "God, pour everything into this present day. Into this present moment. Now. Make my "now" count, for You.