Saturday, January 18, 2014

Obliterate the Tweet God

Neural evolution of the shallows
There's a very good article in today's nytimes by Tony Schwarz, "In Praise of Depth." Schwarz writes:

"We don’t need more bits and bytes of information, or more frequent updates about each other’s modest daily accomplishments. What we need instead is more wisdom, insight, understanding and discernment — less quantity, higher quality; less breadth and more depth."

That's right.

Sadly, I don't think articles like this or books like The Shallows, Distracted, and The App Generation are going to help. Perhaps some dystopian nightmare that obliterates the Tweet God might do it?

Schwarz doesn't want to bury the Tweet God. But...

"Relentless demands make it impossible for many of us to stop what we’re doing long enough to decide what most deserves our attention.
Going deeper does mean forgoing immediate gratification more often, taking time to reflect and making more conscious choices. It also requires the capacity to focus in a more absorbed and sustained way, which takes practice and commitment in a world of infinite distractions."
The political gap between the few Deep People and the massive herd of Shallow People expands as I write this last           .