Friday, January 03, 2014

Let Your Response Be Prayer (PrayerLife)

Wilberforce, Ohio, in warmer times

Why do I pray? One reason is: Jesus prayed.

1. I am a follower of Jesus.
2. Jesus prayed.
3. Therefore, I pray.

But not as some religious duty. Jesus didn't pray out of duty to fulfill a religious obligation. Philip Yancy writes:

"Jesus valued prayer enough to spend many hours at the task. If I had to answer the question “Why pray?” in one sentence, it would be, “Because Jesus did.” He bridged the chasm between God and human beings. While on earth he became vulnerable, as we are vulnerable; rejected, as we are rejected; and tested, as we are tested. In every case his response was prayer."
Yancey, Prayer, Kindle Locations 918-921)

Respond today by praying.