Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Three Signs of Real Church (and How Much It Costs to Do This)

Near Clare, Michigan
Real Church is a People Movement led by God's Spirit.

Three signs of Real Church are:

  • The people are growing in biblical literacy (BibleLife - understanding the biblical narrative)
  • The people are growing in Jesus literacy (JesusLife - Knowing Christ)
  • The people actually engage in praying (PrayerLife - talking with God about what God and I are thinking and doing together)
Cost to do this: $0.

The budget line item in the Presence-Driven Church for these "programs" is: $0. God's earth-shattering presence costs nothing and far surpasses anything money can buy.

(Note: This Sunday morning [11/22] I will preach the first of 7 messages on Knowing the Real Jesus. My vision for Redeemer is that we are a Jesus-literate family. This is our great distinctive; viz., we have Jesus, and Jesus has us. Jesus - God the Son, come to us, still alive, and the greatest leader and most monumental figure in all of human history.]