Sunday, November 08, 2015

Stop Going to Church

If you are a Jesus-follower, then you are one of the "called-out" (ek-kaleo; ekklesia) people of God and his Kingdom. 

You are part of The Movement. 

You are the church.

If you "go to church" then you are not a Jesus-follower. Because J-followers don't "go" to some building called "the church"; they are "church." They are the "called-out ones." They are the ones who have been ek-kaleoed by God.

J-followers don't, therefore, "go" to church. They are the church, and the church meets regularly. For a J-follower saying "I go to church" is the logical equivalent of saying "I go to myself." That's odd. Since I am the church.

Meet with church. 

Don't forsake gathering as church. 

If you forsake church gatherings than you are abandoning your spiritual brothers and sisters. And you are forsaking your core identity as a follower of Jesus.

Remember, Jesus did not say "I will build individuals," but "I will build my church."