Friday, November 20, 2015

Hearing God: Deus Interruptus

Painting a room in our house.

Henri Nouwen once said he was bothered by life's many interruptions until he realized that the interruptions were his life. I have discovered that must pay attention to interruptions and discern whether or not they are from God. I need to have an interruptible heart.

An interruptible heart is one that hears and follows. Without the following God's interruptions will diminish. Why would God continue to say "John, I know you have plans for today, but I want you to do this instead" if I would not "do this instead?" 

Dallas Willard writes:

"Perhaps we do not hear the voice because we do not expect to hear it. Then again, perhaps we do not expect it because we know that we fully intend to run our lives on our own and have never seriously considered anything else. The voice of God would therefore be an unwelcome intrusion into our plans. By contrast, we expect great spiritual leaders to hear that voice just because we see their lives wholly given up to doing what God wants."  (Willard, Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God, p. 93)

Some do not hear God's voice because they would never follow him if he called them to do something outside their control zone. This would mean a change of their plans. 

The Real Jesus Life is a series of interruptions. We are at God's servants, ready to do his will, at his "beck and call." 

Deus Interruptus.

God, I want to be wielded by you. Intrude into my life.