Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Prayer Is a Threat to Darkness (PrayerLife)

Warren Dunes State Park sunset (7/1/12)

Bob Sorge writes: "Nothing threatens hell more than the praying saint." (Sorge, Unrelenting Prayer, Ch. 1)

I think that's right, given the following understanding.

1. Prayer is talking with God about what God and I are doing together.
2. God's activity is missional-redemptive. God is rescuing people out of darkness into light.
3. Our enemy is holding people's hearts in bondage, in darkness.

Thus as we, in the relational act of praying, receive direction and strength and love and power from God to engage in this redemptive, rescuing activity, we become a threat to our dark enemy. Sorge writes:

"The greatest warfare always surrounds your prayer life... When you're abiding in His presence, clinging to His love, living in His Word, holding to His Promise, remaining fervent in spirit, and believing for His visitation, you're an explosion that's waiting to happen. Don't think the enemy will let you inhabit God's promises unchallenged." 

The praying person will not have to go looking for a fight, the fight will find the praying person. "The certainty of God's intervention makes you dangerous to the enemy's agenda. So he will come against your resolve to pray and will do everything in his power to remove you from before the throne. Anything to get you to shut up!"

That's been my experience.

So, let us pray.