Tuesday, November 26, 2013

If You Pray God Will Use You (PrayerLife)

Anderson Gardens, Rockford, Illinois

I was, from 1981-1992, the American Baptist Campus Minister at Michigan State University. One of my predecessors was Roger Palms. Upon leaving MSU Roger became editor of Billy Graham's Decision Magazine. 

Once Roger and his wife came back to MSU and Linda and I went out to dinner with them. I was fascinated by the experiences Roger had traveling all over the world with Billy Graham, and writing about these adventures. I asked Roger a question:

"Tell me - what is Billy Graham really like?

"Here," replied Roger, "is how I see Billy. We were on a crusade in another country. I was looking for Billy. Someone told me he was in a church building. I went to the building, looked everywhere, but could not find him. Finally I went into the church's sanctuary and walked to the front. There was Billy laying face down on the floor before the altar. That is what Billy Graham is really like." 

"No wonder," I said, "that God really uses him!"

If you pray, God will use you.