Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Prayer Makes Us Flexible (PrayerLife)

Ann Arbor
Linda and I had plans for this evening. An hour ago it all changed. Our plans got put on the shelf. God had another idea. God spoke; we flexed.

James Houston writes: "Prayer makes us more flexible before God. We become open to his Spirit, begin to respond to what we read about in the Bible, become more curious about how he wants our lives to be. Prayer becomes more a matter of listening than talking." (The Transforming Power of Prayer: Deepening Your Friendship with God, 36) 

A praying person, one who prays as a lifestyle, one who goes apart regularly to talk with God about what they and he are doing together, has to be flexible. This is because God is accomplishing his Kingdom Mission, and the praying person is in his army. God directs. God shepherds. The sheep move. That is called obedience. There can be no such thing as a praying, obedient person who does not flex with the Spirit.

This is a reason why some people don't find time to pray. Because they will have to give up their own agenda for the sake of their Lord's leadings.

How can a person grow in flexibility, in moving with the Spirit?

1. Have a deep prayer life.
2. Listen.
3. Respond in obedience.

A Jesus-follower lives the interruptible life.