Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why Pray? #2 (Prayer Summer)

Trees reflected on the River Raisin in our backyard

One reason God invites us to conference with him in prayer is to increase our dependence on him. A second reason is that, in prayer, the love relationship with God strengthens. This is a whole-being, deep thing.

I like how Wayne Grudem expresses this. He writes:

"God does not just desire that our trust in him will grow through prayer; he also desires that our love for him and our relationship with him will deepen and grow. When we truly pray, we pray with the wholeness of our character, relating to the wholeness of his character. Therefore, what we think and feel about God will come through in our prayers. This will, in turn, deepen our love and understanding of God and, in the end, deepen our relationship with him. This is something that God delights in. It is also something that brings him glory."

(Grudem, Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know, Kindle Locations 596-599)

Authentic heart-conversation always strengthens relationship. It works this way with God, too.