Thursday, August 08, 2013

Prayer Moves Us from Unreality to Reality (Prayer Summer)

Payne Theological Seminary

One of my Payne seminary students sent this to me today:

"Just as with anything else, once you get home [after a week of spiritual formation classes], its back to reality. I found myself drowned with so many things, whereas on campus I felt free as a jaybird. The hour of power prayer allowed me to abide in Christ. Although my physical body was starting to weaken, I focused on the elements of our spiritual formation class and it help me to know that God is my comforter and my prayer life now is changed forever!"

I wrote back:

""Reality" is now going to be different for you. You are moving from elements of unreality ("drowned with so many things") to freedom. This will be fruit, produced in you, as a result of a greater abiding in Christ.

You are one of Jesus's great, praying persons!"

Out of a life of abiding in Christ, as expressed in our prayer relationship with God, reality gets redefined. The really real begins to stand out, and the illusions of life vaporize like fog meeting the morning sun.