Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I'm Praying Again Today

The colluseum, Caesarea Maritima, in Israel on the Mediterranean

7:30 AM. I'm at the computer. Linda just awoke. She came downstairs, and into the room where I am sitting. I greet her. She does the same to me. We hug. "Good morning." "How did you sleep last night?" We share some details. We look at one another. We attend; we listen.

But of course! How rude not to do this.

Linda asks me a question: "How are your eyes this morning?" Last night my eyes were stinging before I went to bed. "Fine," I tell her. She cares about me. She asks me questions, about me. I feel important to Linda; I am important to her, as she is important to me. She is more important to me than any person in this world. Therefore I communicate with her, not out of mere duty, but out of love and compassion and interest.

We ask each other "What is your schedule today?" We sync and coordinate. We are a team. We are teammates on the great God Mission.

I'm going to set aside meeting time with God today. "Good morning God." God cares about me; I love God. How rude not to do this. Because this is a relationship that God and I have. I talk with God not out of religious duty, but out of thankfulness and love and wonder and amazement. God is more important to me than anyone or anything in this universe. And I am important to God. I am God's much-loved son.

I'm praying again today. Prayer is me and God, God and I, talking about what we are up to.

"God, what are we doing together today?"

"John, you know about the tragedy that recently happened. Attend to it, and I will be with you, and with them. I will tell you what to say and what not to say. My peace will accompany you."

"Yes Lord..., and thank You...  Be with this family in their great loss..."

God is my Shepherd. He guides me today. He strengthens me today. He loves me today.

Therefore I pray.