Friday, August 16, 2013

Praying for the Greatest Thing (Prayer Summer)

Lake Erie sunrise from Kelleys Island, Ohio

At the top of the list of things I am praying for is: to love as Jesus loves. I want a heart that even loves my enemies. And yes, as this prayer is answered and my heart is morphed and molded into Jesus's heart, I will benefit. I will become a free person, because only a free person can love their enemies.

Jesus was free from a spirit of victimization. Jesus had no "buttons" to push. Therefore he was free to love, from the heart. Jesus had a perfectly love-shaped heart that moved independently of circumstances. Jesus was never a "victim of circumstances." One also thinks of Paul, in prison, not in his mind because of Nero, but because of Christ. Paul's contentment and joy were non-circumstance-dependent. Paul, like Christ, was no "victim of circumstances."

I'm praying for this. As I'm writing this I'm asking God to do it, in me. This is great, because in the kingdom of God love is the greatest, right?

Pray for the greatest thing to happen in you.