Monday, August 26, 2013

Higher Education is Not the Enemy of Religiosity

Clay pots by Gary Wilson

76 percent of kids who don’t go to college end up attending church less often, a higher percentage than those who do go to college. “Higher education,” as they put it, “is not the enemy of religiosity.”

Another study published in The Review of Religious Research in 2011 found that kids who went to college were slightly more likely to pray and read the Bible more often.
- From "Religion, Intelligence, and Socialization"

Jordan Monge writes:

"Things are changing. The Social Science Research Council stated in 2007, "the academy is no longer the bastion of secularism it was once assumed to be." Those who attend college are actually more likely to stay religious now than those who forgo higher education... 
If these trends continue, I can imagine a world in which the prevailing narrative is not "go to college and lose your faith" but "come to college to save your faith." For just as the university taught me to think rationally, to question well, to delight in knowledge, it was the best place I could come to learn how to worship God with all my heart, soul, strength, and mind."
Well... that's where God found me, while I was a student at a university.