Friday, November 02, 2012

Richard Dawkins, Rowan Williams, Anthony Kenny: Objective Truth Exists

I'm listening to Richard Dawkins debate Rowan Williams on "Human Beings and Ultimate Origins." This debate took place last february at Oxford, and was moderated by Oxford philosophy Anthony Kenny.

I just stopped the video to give thanks for something Kenny said: "All three of us agree that there is such a thing as objective truth." We're not, Kenny added, postmodernists.

Yes, and bravo! No scientist, for example, is a postmodernist who thinks truth is relative to persons or cultures. All are after truth. Is, e.g., Dawkins's belief that God does not exist true.?If it is, then it is true for everyone (to include theists) past, present, and future. Is Williams's belief that God exists true? If it is, then it is true for everyone (to include atheists) past, present, and future.