Saturday, November 24, 2012

31 Things About the Real Jesus - Tomorrow Night at Redeemer


Tomorrow evening at Redeemer I'll be presenting "31 Things About the Real Jesus."

I'll do this teaching from 6-7 PM.

Then, I'll have a Q&A for anyone who wants to hang around and ask questions.

I'll be doing my best to explain who Jesus is and was.

I'm having a lot of fun putting these 31 things together. I intend to present it in a way everyone can understand.

My teachings are a result of 40+ years of Christological studies, including PhD work in Christology, seminary teaching, 8 years of preaching through every Christological text in the New Testament, and growing in abiding in Christ as ongoing relationship.

If you are interested and have friends who want to hear about the historical Jesus I invite you to come to Redeemer tomorrow evening!