Monday, November 05, 2012

Ghost Pepper Chili (Naga Bhut Jolokia)

Every time we do a chili cookoff at Redeemer I purpose to make the hottest chili I can. Last year I succeeded in making a chili so hot that I discouraged people from eating it. When people walked through the chili line and came to my chili I said, "You don't want this." Some insisted, so I gave them 1/4 of a thimble full.

I slow-cooked my chili for 16 hours. It was filled with all kinds of the hottest peppers I could find plus an entire bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce and a few other very special things. Here's a quote on the Insanity Sauce from their online store - "This is the original hottest sauce in the Universe and our best seller. In fact, it is the only sauce ever banned from the National Fiery Food Show." That's huge!

Some of our Redeemer people were in the church kitchen when I cracked open the bottle. I put a small dot of The Sauce on the very end of the tine of a fork...  one person touched the fiery tine to their tongue...  and their mouth exploded with heat and they began to sweat. Imagine ONE ENTIRE BOTTLE of this...  in a crockpot of slow-cooked "chili."

Here's me cooking a year ago.

Here's some of the other ingredients.

Here's my pot of chili. Look closely.

This chili scorched!

Yet...  things can always get hotter. Since last year I have discovered the dreaded "ghost pepper." "The Naga Bhut Jolokia[1][2] is a chili pepper previously recognized by Guinness World Records as the hottest pepper in the world. The pepper is also known as Naga Jolokia, ghost pepper, ghost chile pepper, and ghost chile.[3][4][5]"(from HERE)

I have ordered them. 

It's coming.

Dec. 2, 2012

Redeemer Church