Thursday, November 08, 2012

Pray for Our President

Our friend Kris Valotten (Bethel Redding) posted this on his website today, about praying for the president.

1. My hope for our nation never was in the White House so I am not shaken.
2. I refuse to demonize someone I disagree with.
3. As soon as I call someone satan, Judas, Jezebel or whatever, I give myself permission to treat them as an enemy. No longer am I praying for them redemptively, I am praying against them.
4. When the apostle Paul commanded us to pray for kings and those in authority and to honor civil authority Nero was emperor!
5. You think we have problems now? Just decide that our president is the devil and see what happens! The devil would love for Christians to pull their prayer protection from the most powerful person in our land.
- Kris Valotten (11/7/12)