Saturday, September 29, 2012


Me and Linda, whale-watching off Boston

Linda and I have a wedding to do this afternoon. I'm officiating, and she's playing piano. I look forward to this, and admire the couple that is getting married. God is going to give me words to share with them and all who gather, and the result will be that people who have not thought about God's Kingdom for years will be captivated by it. As that happens it will be God's Spirit, not me.

This means I will miss the Michigan State - Ohio State football game (I am an MSU fan). !!! But, thanks to DVR, I'll see it later.

Something else happened today. A friend from many years ago e-mailed; call him Q. Q is in trouble in his marriage. It is falling apart. Q needs help. He is desperate. His world is falling apart. So I sent Q my cell #. "Please call." I told Q about the wedding. He can call afterwards if he wants.

We have two situations:

1. I will watch the big football game tonight after the wedding.
2. Q will call, and we'll talk (it won 't be a brief conversation).

In the scheme of things, in the arena of God's Kingdom, which is more important: the outcome of the football game? Or, the outcome of Q's marriage?