Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Playing chess, at this past weekend's Detroit Jazz Festival
I am beginning to mentor a few of Redeemer's young men. They've asked me to do this, and I am so glad to do it.

Specifically, I am going to mentor them to do the kind of things I do as a follower of Jesus. The underlying dynamic is similiar to mentoring in any area, such as playing guitar. I have taught many guitar students. Obviously, I teach them to play the way that I play. This means teaching them to practice like I practiced, and practice the kind of things I have practiced.

I've met once with these young mentorees, and have a meeting with them today. I'm going to share with them three things that I have done and continue to do, which produce whatever results that God does through me. These three things (there are more) are:

  1. Ongoing spiritual formation, especially through a consistent prayer life.
  2. Involvement in a Home Group (small group Jesus-community).
  3. Academic study - ongoing, to the minute!
I've written lots on #1.

On #2 - I have been active in a small group Jesus-community for all the weeks and years of my Christian life. When I got rescued by Jesus I was invited to join a snall group centered around Bible study, discussion, and praying for one another. This week, 42 years later, Linda and I will go to our weekly Home Group meeting. I am asking my mentorees to start a Home Group. I'll help them with this today.

On #3 - I study - long and hard and all the time. My ongoing academic studies form a foundation for my life - for my thoughts, words, and deeds. For my preaching. If someone wants mentoring from me they will learn a life of ongoing study. I'll share this with the mentorees today.

These three things are not optional if I am going to be their mentor. Should any of them choose not to engage in these things (with more to come) then I'm not the one for them.