Thursday, September 20, 2012

Angels - A Book Recommendation

Lightning over our house

I so much appreciate the writing and teaching of Christian theistic philosopher J.P. Moreland. I've been able to speak at a couple of conferences with him. He's one of the best pure teachers I have ever seen. And, he's got a strong intellect, as seen, for example, in a book like his Consciousness and the Existence of God: A Theistic Argument. (See my "The Argument from Consciousness for the Existence of God.")

J.P.'s Kingdom Triangle represents the heart of a lot of what I believe. On his website he recently posted some readings that supplement the teachings of Kingdom Triangle. One of them is Judith MacNutt's Angels Are for Real: Inspiring, True Stories and Biblical Answers. (I've also been privileged to do a conference years ago with Judith and her husband Francis.) J.P. writes:

"While I don’t agree with all that MacNutt writes, I do agree with 90% of it. But more importantly, Judith and her husband, Francis, are well-educated, thoughtful, credible witnesses to the supernatural, and this book is extremely edifying. It will give you solid biblical teaching about angels (including dark ones) (though some of her insights derive from Medieval speculation and do not seem credible to me), it will equip you to be more intentional in regarding angels in your daily life, and it will increase your faith that angels are actually real. This is a wonderful faith-builder."

On J.P.'s recommendation I just ordered (Kindled for $6.99) a copy of Judith's book.