Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Richard Dawkins Snubbed By a Detroit Area Country Club

These signs are appearing on buses
at Oxford University.

Atheist Richard Dawkins has been in Detroit in an effort to avoid debating William Lane Craig back at Oxford. Dawkins was scheduled to speak at Wyndgate Country Club in Rochester Hills. Apparently a country club official watched Dawkins on "The O-Reilly Factor" and saw he was an atheist. The country club cancelled Dawkins's speaking engagement. Dawkins said: "This is sheer bigotry. If the country club had said, 'I'm not having Dawkins speak because he's a Jew, or because he's black, or because he's gay,' they would never get away with it."

No Richard, this is Detroit.

Dawkins did speak at the Birmingham Temple, a congregation for Jewish humanists and atheists. The Temple advertises itself as "the hub for the worldwide movement of Humanistic Judaism."