Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chris Overstreet & Desiring the Gift of Prophecy

Rockford, Illinois

My friend Chris Overstreet from Bethel Church in Redding, California, will be with us at Redeemer for the weekend, beginning tomorrow evening. God worked through Chris to cause me to desire the gift of prophecy.

It was three years ago that Chris first came to us. I'd only known him through the movie "Finger of God," which we were both in. The first evening with Chris was great. It began like this.

A man who had little experience with Jesus came that evening. He was in a deep whole financially. He is a homebuilder, and the homebuilding trade was going under. He asked God to have Chris point him out first in the group meeting. There were probably 300-400 people there. God spoke to Chris. Chris pointed to this man and said, "Please come forward. God has something for you."

The man came forward. Chris said, "God is saying to tell you that you are a builder."

At those words Linda and I nearly fell off our chairs. How accurate that was! Now, God really had our attention. The string of events that began to happen in this man's life, following that prophetic word, was amazing.

And I was captured by this ancient biblical gift. We are told to desire it (1 Cor. 14), and I was. If this was what prophecy was, then who wouldn't want it? In my desire I sought God re. this gift that God uses to strengthen, comfort, and encourage others (1 Cor. 14:3).

I've been walking in this since Chris came. It's been a faith-risking ecperience for me that's taken me out of my "comfort zone" into God's comfort zone; viz., into the arena where God's Spirit is working.

It will be great to be with Chris tomorrow. If you want to join me, here are the details.

Chris Overstreet at Redeemer Fellowship Church
5305 Evergreen
Monroe, MI  48162

Fri., Oct. 21, 7 PM
Sat., Oct. 22, 7 PM
Sun. morning, Oct. 23, 10:30 AM
Sun., Oct. 23, 7 PM

We'll also be selling Night Light jewelry, which helps pull women out of a life of prostitution in Bangkok, Thailand.

Plus, Holly Benner will lead worship.