Monday, June 20, 2022

My Favorite Conference - Join Me! June 26-30


Join me and Linda at our favorite conference - June 26-30.

In beautiful Green Lake, Wisconsin.

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Our guest speakers:


Bruce Van Natta

The author of “Saved By Angels” and “A Miraculous Life” and founder of “Sweet Bread Ministries”– 

In 2006 Bruce was crushed underneath a logging truck and was on the verge of life and death when he had an "out of body" experience.  God sent two angels to keep Bruce alive.  Bruce's body was almost cut in two.  Main arteries were completely severed in 5 places!  The doctors said there was no medical record of anyone surviving longer than a few minutes with injuries like his.  Bruce should have died before the ambulance arrived.  Yet God kept him alive for over 2 ½ hours, until doctors could operate.  Many of his internal organs were smashed.  In fact, Bruce's intestines were so badly damaged that the doctor's couldn't even save enough intestines to sustain his life. Even after the miracle of surviving this horrible accident, Bruce, (father of four children) was slowly starving to death.  

God spoke to a man on the other side of the country, (Bruce Carlson) to buy a plane ticket, fly to Bruce, and pray for a creative miracle in his intestines.

His true life story stirs the faith of any believer and brings unbelievers to a place where they can accept Christ.  

Many people report being healed of sicknesses, diseases, addictions, as well as emotional problems like fear and depression after getting prayer at one of Bruce's meetings and these testimonies are just as exciting and meaningful as what happened to Bruce.

Elijah Stephens

We must meld the intellectual, the supernatural, integrity, and love to prepare for the next Great Awakening.”— Elijah Stephens

Elijah's background is very diverse. He holds degrees in philosophy and psychology. He served in the Army, owns multiple businesses, served seven years as an executive pastor at the Vineyard Chattanooga, is an author, and film maker.  

His passion is to train leaders to follow the Spirit, and show them how to teach others to do the same. Also, it is to help churches work more effectively, and develop their next generation of leadership. Also, he loves training church members to walk in their identity, and to see power. He values teaching exegetically correct, theologically solid, intellectually honest, Spirit-led sermons that are healthy and free from hype and pretense.