Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Small Groups in the Church - One of My Necessities


Someone (again!) asked me, "John, how do I grow spiritually?" I love that question. Here is my answer.

I have been a follower of Jesus for fifty-one years. (!!!)

I have also been in a small group (aka a "home group"; a "cell group") for every one of those years. For fifty-one years!

I see being in a small group that meets weekly or bi-weekly as essential to my Christian growth. Linda and I will never not be part of a small group.

Here is my spiritual growth trajectory.

1. I meet with God, alone, regularly. This is often called "devotional time."

2. Linda and I meet weekly with a small group of Jesus-followers.

3. Linda and I never miss Sunday mornings and other gatherings. We have always taken Hebrews 10:25 literally - Do not neglect meeting together, as some have..."

It looks like this!