Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Be-attitude of Happiness


I make lists of my blessings. Most of my blessings are non-monetary, such as: Linda, my salvation (the life-changer!), my sons, their wives, my baby grandson, my family, my church family, the opportunity to work as a pastor, and as a teacher, the wonder of God's creation, a roof over my head, food on the table, living until 71 (and hopefully more)...   things like these.

I write my blessings, and things I am thankful for, on 3X5 cards and carry them with me.

I have written them on an email, which I periodically mail to myself, as a reminder.

This keeps me focused. And "happy," in the Be-attitude-sense of 

μακάριος,a  \{mak-ar'-ee-os}  From Matthew 5

1) blessed, happy 

I am makarios. Happy.

I know the source of my happiness. Today I am reminded of this, as I read the entry from Through the Year with Thomas Merton.