Tuesday, March 24, 2020

To the Church: We Are First Responders

(Me, leading worship with Michael, in Kenya)

Thank God for first responders. To paramedics, ER doctors and nurses, police officers and fire fighters, military personnel, and all rescuers - thank you! You have saved countless lives. We are indebted to you.

These first responders care for peoples' physical well-being. But who responds to the countless spiritual crises that people are in? The answer is: the Church.

Followers of Jesus are first responders to the spiritual needs of people we are in contact with. Jesus was the initial First Responder. God so loved the world that he sent Jesus to rescue and repair our lost, shattered souls. As his followers, we emulate our Rescuer.

We are Spiritual First Responders. We are the first to respond when we see someone in a spiritual crisis. That is our role in the current pandemic and economic meltdown. 

When we see someone in fear, we move towards them with the Jesus-vaccine. When we see someone who has lost their way, we go to them with the God Positioning System (GPS). 

The Real Church is the first to respond to spiritual neediness. We are deliverers of comfort and strength. We operate in the power and love of the Holy Spirit. We bring answers to anxious, agitated souls.

People need physical protection. Thank God for all who deliver this to the needy. People also need spiritual and emotional healing. That is our arena. That is when we put on the protective armor of God and bring good news of great joy to our brothers and sisters.