Monday, April 29, 2019

Stripped-Down Worship (The Presence-Driven Church)

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(I'm re-posting this after reading more of Francis Chan's new book, especially the parts about worship.)

You don't have to have a band to worship. You don't even need to have instruments. Many churches cannot exist without a band. So they struggle to find musicians, hopefully good ones. Because if their church doesn't have a band, people won't come. They will find a different church with a more awesome worship band. This is about competition. And pressure. The show must go on.

I've had many beautiful, touching worship experiences in my life. Sometimes it's happened when I've been alone, sometimes with a small group of people, sometimes in large group settings. The real worship thing happens, which is 100% about God and his presence. For me this never has to do with how good the worship musicians are, or even if there are worship musicians.

One example was when I was preaching in Kurnool, in central India, in an old church building on the Deccan plateau, before a thousand people. There was no worship band. I am not against worship bands. It's just that they are unnecessary for worship to happen. In this falling-apart church building in India, one man was leading the people in a worship song. It was in the Telegu dialect. The singing was repetitive, and went on for a long time. In the middle of it, it happened. God happened. And in my heart, I was worshiping. I was caught up in God's presence, 100%.

David Platt writes: “What if we take away the cool music and the cushioned chairs? What if the screens are gone and the stage is no longer decorated? What if the air conditioning is off and the comforts are removed? Would His Word still be enough for his people to come together?”  (Radical. Francis Chan is writing about this too - see Letters to the Church.)

In some churches it might not be. When all is stripped away, few would simply come.

How in the world did the early church make it, being not only without awesome media, but lacking funds for whatever the latest post-flannel-graph technology was?

The answer would be: the early church thrived because God was with them. They had God and His presence and His power and His voice and His love and His guidance and His correction and His grace and mercy, experientially

This is stripped-down worship, the heart inside the body, the core within the container, the engine in the framework, the software inside the hard drive.

It's Monday evening. The sanctuary is empty. I'm at home, and it's quiet.

When the music fades,
and all is stripped away,
and I simply come.
Matt Redman

Linda and I are almost through Francis Chan's new book Letters to the Church, which says a lot about church and worship. Reading it ignites me, in a good way, I think. So I decided to re-post this.

Here are some fire-starting Chan quotes about worship.
  • "Too often we add in our own voices, thinking if we offer just the right services or package the gospel in just the right way so no one gets offended, we can convince people to stay. By catering our worship to the worshippers and not to the Object of our worship, I fear we have created human-centered churches." (53)

  • "In the book of Malachi, God’s people had become bored with worship. God’s response was not mild. As the prophet Malachi called them back to the passion, devotion, and sacrifice of true worship, the people responded by saying, “What a weariness this is” (Mal. 1:13). They saw worship not as an honor but as an obligation. Today we’d respond to this by saying, “Look at how bored they are! Let’s make worship more exciting; then people will really get something out of it!” But God’s response was much different. He was so offended by it all that He would rather they simply shut the whole thing down." (66)
  • "Years ago, my friend from India drove me to a speaking engagement in Dallas. When he heard the music and saw the lights, he said, “You Americans are funny. You won’t show up unless there’s a good speaker or band. In India, people get excited just to pray.”" (67)

  • "We want to be people who are committed to worshipping God, people who can’t get enough of Him, not people who worship only when it is convenient or when the right people are leading. It must be the Object of our worship that makes worshipping exciting to us." (176)

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