Thursday, March 19, 2020

Letter to my Redeemer Family - March 19, 2020

March 19, 2020

Good Morning Redeemer Family!
Linda and I have meetings, by phone and in person, with some Redeemer people today.
Otherwise, we are mostly staying in today.
I'll be reading and writing. I also stay in contact with some pastors who have connected with me. Plus, our church's staff stays connected and God coordinates our responsibilities.
Tim and some of our tech-savvy Redeemerites are working today and tomorrow on the live streaming of Sunday morning's worship service. This will happen in our church's sanctuary. Holly will lead a worship team, we'll pray for kids as they are in their homes, have some announcements, have an "offering" time, and then Tim and I will co-preach.
This happens at 10:30 AM. Please gather with us this Sunday morning! (Hopefully, by late Friday, I will send you all the connection information for the live service.)
If you have any special needs during this time please let us know.
I just made this blog post - 

Why I Believe Praying Works

God is telling me, and several of us this: This is an opportunity. With that thought, why not personally invite some churchless friends to tune in to the live service this Sunday?
PJ (and Linda)
I want to encourage you to continue giving to our church's General Fund. The General Fund is for staff salaries (I don't take a salary), mortgage, utilities, the new cleaning service we just hired, insurance, and all it takes to keep the infrastructure going. You can give to the General Fund in two ways:

1) ONLINE GIVING (Which is how Linda and I now do this - yes, it is secure).  Click HERE.

2) BY CHECK - you can mail your check to the church address; Redeemer Fellowship Church, 5305 Evergreen, Monroe, MI. 48161

Thank you!