Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Letter to My Redeemer Family (1/14/20)

(My back yard, when snow used to fall in Southeast Michigan.)

(I sent this letter to my Redeemer family this morning.)

Good morning Redeemer family! 
I am taking time this morning to slowly read Matthew, chapters 5, 6, and 7. I just read the NIV translation Sunday night and yesterday. Now, I'll read in The Message.
I read slowly. I often stop on a verse, and ponder it. If I feel God is speaking to me through this verse, I'll write it down in my spiritual journal. God is already speaking to me about some things!
I am praying for YOU as you do this with me.
Holly's Worship class meets again this Thursday, 6:30.
REDEEMER YOUTH - Linda Piippo (my wonderful wife, and new grandmother!) will speak to our youth on "Take Your Ground." 7 PM.
MY SECOND MESSAGE ON DISCIPLESHIP will be this Sunday morning.
Followed by our ANNUAL CHILI LUNCHEON AND COOK-OFF. (A package containing my secret chili ingredient arrived yesterday!)
God is so good, isn't He? Blessings!