Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Killing More Babies in the New York Times

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To Ylanda Gault, having an abortion is the emotional equivalent of having dimples, or having a mole on one side of her face. So she says in today's New York Times, in "I'll Never Be Ashamed of My Abortion.

This upsets me. It trivializes those of us who believe abortion is the taking of an innocent person's life.

The reason I am saddened by articles like this is because I believe the inborn life is a person. Now note this. If the inborn life is a person, then abortion is killing a person. If the inborn life is not a person, we kill non-persons all the time. The real issue is over the status of the inborn life, irregardless of their developmental level.

Here is how Gault's article reads to me, as I substitute "kill my baby" for her euphemistic freedom-to-abort words.

  • I'll never be ashamed of killing my baby.
  • Like so many women of reproductive age, I've killed my baby.
  • I, and I alone, made the decision to kill my baby more than a decade ago so that I could be the best mother I could be to the two children I already had.
  • Roe v Wade guaranteed a woman's freedom to kill her baby.
  • Despite what some politicians would have us believe, most Americans support that right to kill their babies.
  • We must not allow some warped, anti-feminist ideology to take away our freedom to kill our babies.
  • What’s most important is that we stand together and stand up against the beat-down on sexual and reproductive health (the right to kill our babies) in this country.
  • If our constitutional right to safe, legal baby-killing is not upheld, more than 25 million Americans of reproductive age could lose the freedom to decide if and when to kill their babies. 
  • What I took for granted — the freedom to kill their babies  — is a right my daughters and their daughters may well be denied.
  • This is not complicated or political. When you have bodily autonomy and the freedom to kill your babies, you are able to thrive.
  • Nearly 15 years after killing my baby, I am at peace. I now have three children, ages 12 to 20. The most important gift I can give them is the best me I can be. My daughters and my son know I killed their sibling just as they know I have a mole on one side of my face, and dimples.
  • Research shows the most common post-baby-killing  feeling is relief. Ninety-five percent of us do not regret killing our inborn children
Gault says she is not ashamed of killing her baby. For the many who believe abortion is taking an innocent human life, we are both ashamed and grief-stricken.

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