Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Ask for 20/20 Vision in the New Year

(The River Raisin, Monroe County)

I was sitting in our church's sanctuary last evening. Some of our worship people were leading us into God's presence. What a beautiful way to enter into the new year!



Like, 20/20 vision.

I wrote in my journal a request: "God, I want to see the realities of your Kingdom with greater clarity in this new year."

Give me increased vision.

Show me your glory.

To see Thee more clearly.

These are my prayers for 2020, especially after finishing Gary Moon's book on Dallas Willard. Moon enumerates Willard's key ideas. They are:

Overview of Dallas Willard’s key ideas (from Gary Moon, Becoming Dallas Willard, p. 226).

1. An adequate understanding of spiritual formation is needed to effectively care for one’s spiritual life. 
2. The nature of spiritual formation in Christ determines the method by which it is to be known. 
3. Relationship with God is an experiential reality. 
4. The Word of God carries with it God’s experiential presence. 
5. God’s experiential presence (or Word) is inherently transformational. 
6. As embodied persons in relationship with a loving God, informed human participation is essential for spiritual growth.
7. The good news is that God’s reign is available to anyone who relies on Jesus. 
8. Jesus is the master of living life under God’s reign and he wants to teach his students how to live under that reign in their actual lives.
9. Students of Jesus will rule the universe with him for eternity. 
10. Sin is primarily a disconnection from the life-giving resources of God. 
11. Bodily disciplines place the regenerate person into contact with the life-giving resources of God. 
12. Understanding formation in Christ involves understanding how to bring the various dimensions of the human self under God’s reign. 

13. Knowledge of the reality of Christ and his kind of life is available.

This spring will mark fifty years of knowing the reality of Jesus. I have been changed! I have seen a lot. And, I want more.

More transformation into Christlikeness.

God, intensify my discipleship in 20/20!

I want to know one thing.

Greater revelation.


If people can’t see what God is doing,

    they stumble all over themselves;
But when they attend to what he reveals,
    they are most blessed.

Proverbs 29:18 (The Message)