Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Pray For the Ego to Be Defeated

(Muslim woman, in Jerusalem)

The less pretense, the more freedom. 

The less performing, the more presence. 

The less acting, the more authenticity. 

Greater ego-decrease brings divine increase. 

I experienced more of the false self being stripped away last night at the healing service, and it felt good. (Great energy is exp[ended in the maintenance of the false self.)

As I was going over some of my spiritual formation notes, I found this prayer from A.W. Tozer. It still expresses a desire of my heart. Because, sadly, I have had a desire to "be recognized" by people that comes from my own needy, unhealed heart. I'm praying for more freedom from my own self.

Tozer wrote:

"O Christ, make me strong to overcome 
the desire to be wise 
and to be reputed wise by others 
as ignorant as myself. 
I turn from my wisdom 
as well as from my folly 
and flee to You, 
the wisdom of God 
and the power of God. 

If this prayer expresses your heart, pray it throughout the day. 

Pray for the ego to be defeated and outdone by the great I Am.