Saturday, January 21, 2017

A March of Euphemisms in Our Orwellian World (On Abortion)

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Storefront of mindless followers in Savannah, Georgia

I'm watching actress Scarlett Johansson speaking at today's women's march in Washington, D.C..

She just used two euphemisms: "safe abortion," and "reproductive rights."

A euphemism is a spin word. It puts a positive spin on a negative event (such as "collateral damage," instead of "killing innocent people").

"Safe abortion" is a euphemism for "killing inborn children." Obviously, an abortion is not safe for the inborn child.

"Reproductive rights" is another euphemism for "killing inborn children." Obviously, in such a catastrophe, the inborn child has no rights.

The culture war is a war of words. If you can get people to accept your euphemisms, or your dysphemisms, then you are winning people to your side. Few will look deeper. They will begin to take, as literal and factual, what began as rhetoric. See their blank stares of approval and anger.

This is Orwellian. It's the Thought Police.