Monday, March 07, 2016

A Month of Hearing God - Day 7

Detroit skyline, from Windsor, Ontario

"How do I hear the voice of God?"

1. I Abide in Christ. Dwell with God. "Abide" and "dwell" are long words. Spend much time with God. There's simply no substitute for this. Forget about "Mc-hearing" God. God won’t be fast-fooded. Hearing the voice of God is largely an acquired thing, over time. 

2. I Saturate myself in Scripture. The greater my familiarity with Scripture is, the greater I will know when it's God speaking and not something else. Begin by saturating yourself in Matthew chapters 5-7 and John chapters 14-16. Get alone with Go0d and slow-cook in these. When God speaks to you as you read them, write it down in your journal.

3. I hang around people who do 1 and 2. I meet in a Home Group with other Jesus-followers who actually pray. Linda and I have been in a Home Group (8-14 people who do 1 and 2) every year of our married life.

Don't multi-task the God-relationship. Spend much time with God, alone. Just you and God. Face to face. Heart to heart. If you're unfamiliar with this my recommendation is: just start doing it. In the process you'll learn what this is about because God wants you to know Him experientially and relationally. And you will experience hearing his voice.