Saturday, March 05, 2016

A Month of Hearing God - Day 5

o   To hear God don’t focus on hearing God.

§  Focus on cultivating relationship with him, out of which hearing emerges as a byproduct and a skill.

§  For example, in marriage the ongoing, sustained relationship provides the environment for Linda and I to hear and understand one another.  When it comes to hearing and understanding God the same relational rules apply.

o   Get beyond the question of hearing God and into the life that is greater than our own; viz., that of the kingdom of God.

§  Our concern to hear God’s voice must be overwhelmed by our worship, adoration, and fellowship with him.

o   To learn to hear God, focus on the more primordial and foundational thing, which is the abiding relationship in Christ. (Hearing God's voice is not like going occasionally to a fortune teller for advice.)

(Tomorrow morning at Redeemer I'll preach on "How to Hear the Voice of God.")