Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Month of Hearing God - Day 10

Downtown Monroe

If you desire to pray as conversation with God, meditate on Scripture.

Marinate in these verses. Slow-cook in them. Chew on them. To meditate is to chew, slowly. To meditate is to marinate.

The more you chew on biblical truths, the more the words become assimilable to your spirit. God's truths get into you. They become you. When this happens a lot of God-hearing takes place.

Take a singular thought - like "The Lord is my Shepherd" - and ruminate on it.   Get redundant and repetitive about things like this, and God will transport them from your mind into your heart.

In my praying times I meditate on portions of Scripture. It is common, in the middle of these meditations, to hear God speak to me.

God has much to say to you, today. He desires your company, longs to hear from you, and yearns to communicate with you.