Thursday, March 03, 2016

A Month of Hearing God - Day 3

Today we're leaving Cancun and flying home.
Our church is engaged in A Month of Hearing God. We are encouraging people to set aside times to meet with God and, when he speaks, to write it down. 

Most of the time when I hear God speak to me it's about me. My journals are filled with words from God challenging me, loving me, encouraging me, breaking me, comforting me, strengthening me, guiding me, healing me, and empowering me. My confidence is in the Lord. This becomes real to me as I meet with God, pray, and listen.

Sunday morning, March 6 - "How to Hear the Voice of God."

Sunday morning, March 13 - "How to Discern the Voice of God."

On March 19-20 I'll be speaking and teaching on prayer and hearing God's voice at the University of Illinois Chinese Christian Fellowship - their winter retreat.