Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pastor's Conference in Brasil - Day 1

Brasilia is three hours ahead of EST. So I'm writing at 8:30 AM from a rustic and well-maintained retreat center 30 minutes outside of Brasilia in the countryside. 

There are 70-80 pastors here. Some of them drove 20 hours to come here to this conference and arrived in the middle of the night.

After introductions this morning Linda and I will be introduced. We will both share our testimonies as a way for the pastors to get to know us.

Only 4-5 of the pastors speak English, so all my teachings will be translated into Portuguese. 

This afternoon I will give the first of my 7 presentations. It will be on "Leading the Presence-Driven Church," something very close to my heart about what church should be. 

I'm now looking at a breakfast plate of fresh papaya and mango. Plus Brazilian coffee (excellent!).

A family of burrowing owls are outside the building - two adult owls and two babies. This is part of God's beautiful creation!

It's going to be 84 degrees today, with lots of sun. I'm wearing sunscreen so as not to get burnt.

Pray for all of us today - God is going to do great things!