Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ministry in Brazil Presentation - Sunday Nov. 23, 6 PM, at Redeemer

Baptist National Pastors Conference November 2014

Linda and I are back from Brazil. Thank you for praying for us!
I want to invite any of you and your friends to come to a special service Sunday night. The focus will be on praying and healing. Linda and I will share some of the many experiences we had, plus show slides and tell some of the amazing stories we saw and heard. This includes seeing physical healings and inner healings. We'll meet at 6 PM.
Those in my Prayer Class - this is an extension of this class. The focus will still be on praying. I feel led to invite everyone to this special class tomorrow night. Please pray for this evening - thank you!
I also want to add a prayer request for you all to pray about. When we left on Thursday night we prayed for a woman named Leah. Leah is probably in her early 30s. She has a large cancerous tumor in her left cheek which has severely distorted her face. I told Leah I would share this with my church family. Please pray for her. I'll tell you more of the story tomorrow night.