Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Pakistani Christian Couple Tortured and Burned to Death

Years ago, when I was teaching in Palmer Theological Seminary's doctoral program, I had two students who were pastors in Pakistan. They told me about their country's "blasphemy law." A Muslim could accuse a Christian for blaspheming Allah or the Quran without any evidence. The Christian could be punished, for no reason. It happened in Pakistan today.

See "Pakistani Couple is Tortured and Burned to Death by Angry Mob." Shahzad Masih and Shama Masih were in their 20s, with four children. They were accused of burning pages in the Quran. "Hundreds of people converged on the couple’s home, and witnesses said some in the crowd broke down the door and dragged the couple out. The police said they were tortured and then burned in the kiln."