Monday, March 10, 2014

To Everything There Is a Season

I won't be posting here for a week. Linda and I are getting away for our 40th anniversary (last August, but we're taking a week off together now). We are so looking forward to this!

I'm not bringing my laptop with me because...

...multitasking... the enemy...

...of all real relationship. 

To everything there is a season.
A time to tweet, and a time to not speak;
A time to app, a time to nap; 
A time to facebook, a time to facelook;
A time for community, a time for solitude;
A time to multi-, a time to mono-;
A time to task, and a time to rest;
A time to fly, and a time to nest;
A time for ice, a time for heat;
Le Temps de L'amour, le temps de sweet; 
A time for sun, a time for moon;
A time for Michigan,
and a time for Cancun.