Thursday, March 20, 2014

Redeemer Coming Events

Here are some things I want to share with you about what's going on at Redeemer.
  • Our Amazon Mission Team has returned. I’m already hearing about good things that happened there.
  • Our Amazon trip fund-raiser (build a sundae on some heads, including mine!) raised over $4000!
  • Tim Curry and Don Toeppe have been in India working with our Full Life in Christ India efforts.
  •  Many thanks to Tim Curry, Jim Beach, and Pastor Joe Atkinson for preaching the last three Sunday mornings.
  • On Sunday mornings we’re continuing to preach out of Hebrews chapter 11, on faith. This Sunday morning I begin the first of three messages on the faith of Abraham (Hebrews 11:8-12). If you want to study the Bible with me during the week please email me and I’ll sign you up for Deeper Bible Study.
  •  “Prayer & Healing” Class – Thank you Sharon Lloyd for teaching this class for the last three weeks. This Sunday Linda and I will lead worship at 6. Then I’ll teach the final class in this series, using Wimber’s Power Healing book, Chapter 8 – on how do we understand things when we pray for someone to be healed and they are not healed. And we’ll pray for anyone who wants prayer.
  • On March 2-4 I co-led (with Dave Nichols) the annual pastors retreat for Michigan American Baptist Pastors, on “Leading the Presence-Driven Church.” Thirty pastors were there. It went very well and was well-received.
  • On March 7-9 I traveled with our Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries Team (Green Lake) to New Jersey. I spoke three times on “Living the Presence-Driven Life.” I also taught a workshop on Spiritual Formation and Prayer for 18 pastors who were there.
  • Baptisms – Palm Sunday morning, April 13. If you want to be baptized please let me know.
  • Fresh Wind Youth Conference live webstream - April 17-18-19. From Toronto to Redeemer! For information go here
  • Sunday morning, May 25 – Bob Hazlett from Ohio School of Power and Love will preach at Redeemer. Bob recently spoke and taught at Bethel Redding on “Developing Prophetic Communities.”
  • Ohio School of Power and Love – May 21-24 - Robby Dawkins, Todd White, Bob Hazlett, and Tom Ruotolo. You can get information here.
  • Our annual summer conference in Green Lake, Wisconsin, June 21-27. With our worship team, Todd White, Robby Dawkins, Dean Sherman, plus myself, Clay Ford, and others. For information go to

·         And...  next week our Spring Redeemer Ministry School classes begin. If you are interested please sign up on the sheets on the lobby, or call Stella at the office, or send me an email. Anyone is invited to come to these classes. They are:


Instuctors: Holly Benner, Jeremiah Werstein, Al Willingham

Meets: Sunday evenings, 4-7 PM, March 30 – June 1

This class will focus on past moves of God, the leadership, situations, theology and how we apply these things to our lives today. The present day church stands on the shoulders of these historical movements and reveal to us what is possible when even one person is intimately yielded to following Jesus. We will cover movements from the late 1800's to the present day.  


Instructors: Jim and Denise Hunter

Meets: Friday mornings, 9:30-1, March 28 – May 30

This course will introduce students to servant leadership principles. Our basic assumption will be: leaders for Christ are themselves led by Christ. Students will not only study leadership principles but will engage in the practice of authentic servant leadership.


Instructor: John Piippo

Meets: Thursday evenings, 5:30-6:45 (March 27 – May 1); 5:30 – 7:30 (May 8 – May 29)

This class will examine the world’s major religions and some of the lesser, yet relevant religions. We will compare them with Christianity, and discuss ways to communicate our faith in Christ to people of different religions.

Tuition: Free
Books: Students will be required to purchase any books that are needed for the class.