Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Basic Questions of the Presence-Driven Church

Green Lake, Wisconsin

The basic questions of the Presence-Driven Church are variations on the basic question, which is: What is God saying to us?

The variations include:
  • Where is God leading us?
  • What is God telling us to do?
  • What does God think of this?
  • What does this look like from God's perspective?
  • Is God building this house, or are we?
  • Are we hearing God correctly?
  • God, what are you saying to us?
These are the questions to ask, primordially. Agree not to do anything or build anything or move in some direction just for movement's sake, but only as God has told us to do so.

The basic requirement of anyone who is a leader should be: one who abides in Christ, and hears the voice of God.

This is one of the reasons why, as leaders and as a people, we don't vote on things. If the voters are not in an abiding relationship with Christ then the voting will be in vain. If God isn't allowed into the house-building, then we are striving in vain.

In some contexts simply to raise the question "What is God saying to us?" creates tension. The person who asks this might be viewed as arrogant, or naive, or uneducated as to the correct protocol at "church meetings." If this question cannot be raised, then the church will be self-guided at best, demonically inspired at worst.

If these questions are unfamiliar, one might ask: "But how can we know what God is saying to us?" That's a good question. Optimally, as a leader you want your co-leaders to know the answer to this. Begin to instruct your people on: A.S.L.O.

If some are skeptical that God speaks to people today (or ever), then you've got deism. At this point the church is on their own, sans the leading of God. It makes me weary to even think of this, as a pastor.

Ask the question.