Sunday, March 23, 2014

Prayer as Quantity Time with God (PrayerLife)

Monroe County
"Prayer" is: talking with God about what we are doing together. It's about what you and God are doing together.

Prayer is being in relationship with God. This is about you and God, connected in relationship.

A praying person is in a love-relationship with God. This is about a bride, being with her bridegroom. This is why the idea of  "a little quality prayer time with God" is inappropriate.

One reason marriages fail is that courtship habits and being together for long periods of time stops. What is needed, in prayer as well as marriage, is a lot of time, "quantity-time," together. Brief amounts of time will not be quality times without ongoing quantity-time.

Quantity-time with God needs certain qualities. For example, multitasking the God-relationship diminishes the quality of it.

Spend lots of time with your God, and spend it in certain ways. Such as: focusing, listening, opening one's heart towards God, worshiping, thanking, meditating, and contemplating.

In prayer, attend to God. Be with God. A lot.