Monday, September 23, 2013

The Relevancy of Christianity If True

Green Lake, Wisconsin

Several years ago I was invited to speak at Wayne State University on the existence of God. I called my friend William Lane Craig and asked him what would be a good way to address this. Bill suggested talking about "The Absurdity of Life Without God." So I did.

Bill writes:

"I think that if Christianity is true, then it is hugely relevant to our lives. I’ve tried to deal with this question in my talks and writing on “The Absurdity of Life without God.”1 Let me, therefore, simply list six ways in which Christianity is relevant if true.     

1. If Christianity is true, there is meaning to your life.    

2. If Christianity is true, there are objective moral values and duties in life.     

3. If Christianity is true, there is a purpose to your life.     

4. If Christianity is true, there is hope for deliverance from the shortcomings of our finite existence, such as suffering, aging, and death.     

5. If Christianity is true, there is forgiveness for all the wrong things you have done.     

6. If Christianity is true, you have the opportunity of a personal relationship with God and eternal happiness.".

- Craig, William Lane; Joseph E., Gorra, A Reasonable Response: Answers to Tough Questions on God, Christianity, and the Bible, pp. 56-57