Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pray for the Prayerfire to Ignite (PrayerLife)

Monroe County

Prayer is: conferencing with God about what God is doing. In prayer we "enter God's kingdom"; i.e., in the act of prayer we come under the rule or dominion of God. This seems important for followers of Jesus to do, right?

The good news is: you have time to do this.

You have time to pray if... had time to surf the Internet today spent time texting your friends and enemies watched TV spent time just wondering how to spend your time today spent time "doing nothing" "wasted time" today shopped today read something today

When someone says "I just don't have time to pray" I think they are really confessing "I choose not to take time to pray." The reason a person doesn't pray is not because they don't have time, but rather because conferencing with God about what God is doing is not as important as other things. The non-praying Jesus-follower (that's an oxymoron, right?) has no real desire to meet one-on-one with God, since if they did they would meet with God (as Thomas Merton said, desire without discipline is an illusion; intentions - actions = nothing).

Is it important to actually take time to pray? Jesus thought so. Jesus did so. I am a follower of Jesus. Therefore...

You have time to pray if... have time to read this.

I think only God can change our hearts about this. Because it's hard for a rich person to come under the reign of God.

Pray for the prayerfire to ignite.